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Auntie *Betty*'s [b]EastEnders[/b]...
Topic Started: 14 Apr 2018, 15:33 (294 Views)
Auntie *Betty*
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Auntie *Betty*
Monday 2nd April

Berndatte is keen to suppport Ted, but Karen urges her to give him space. Bernadette doesn't listen to her mother and heads to see Ted with a shaken Tiffany. Tiffany and Bernadette quickly realise that Ted isn't coping well and hasn't told his children of their mother's passing. Bernadette convinces Ted to call his daughter, and with her support Ted takes the plunge.

The news of Louise and Hunter's kiss has quickly got around Walford, Keegan is clearly hurt and Shakil tries to air his concerns about his friends feelings but gets brushed off. Shakil is impressed when Keegan tries to be the bigger person and reaches out to Hunter to make friends and suggests they meet up later to play video games which Hunter agrees.

Jack is concerned about Max who is keen to bring baby Abi home to his, but Jack is worried about Amy and Ricky, and after having a run in with Max over it, ends up biting Mel's head off leaving her less than impressed.

Later at Mel's; Shakil feels uncomfortable as Hunter and Keegan begin to get competitive while playing computer games and it's not long before Keegan loses it as Hunter beats him. Lashing out at Hunter, the pair start scrapping and it leads to them smashing up Mel's living room. Jack has reached out to Mel to apologise for earlier, but as the pair stand chatting in the Square they hear it kicking off.

Jack rushes in and breaks up the fight and chucks Keegan and Shakil out of the house, leaving Mel giving Hunter a telling off for his behaviour.

Whitney is excited by the prospect of Halfway coming home for a few days and eventually convinces Donna and Jay into hosting a welcome home party for him. Jay ropes in Keanu and Ingrid to the party while Donna is keen to get Robbie drunk.

Whitney gets Tiffany to do her make up, and she admits she feels weird about seeing Halfway again. Tiffany reassures her sister, reminding her life is too short, shaken from Joyce's death and she heads off to meet him at the tube station. Whitney is delighted but it soon becomes clear someone is watching them from a distance.

As the party gets under way it's not long before Jay feels like the odd one out as Keanu and Ingrid awkwardly float around one another, Donna and Robbie compete with one another and Whitney and Halfway so loved up. He suggests a drinking game, and it's not long before Whitney and Jay end up joking about the past which makes Halfway feel a bit jealous that he isn't part of her history. They talk about Ben, Abi, Lauren, Peter, Lucy and Fatboy. Robbie notices Donna's reaction to the mention of Fatboy's name, and he makes her admit he is her ex disgusting her fear at knowing the truth about his exit. Whitney and Jay are left deliberating when they last heard from Fatboy and try searching for him on social media. Halfway interrupts them by knocking Whitney's bottle of wine off the counter, clearly jealous.

Whitney reassures him not to worry and skips out to buy a new bottle, but as she heads across the Square, she is stopped in her tracks by Woody...

Michelle notices that as soon as Louise and Dennis leave the house, that Phil and Sharon barely have anything to say to one another. Michelle questions Sharon about her relationship with Phil, but ends up getting a defensive reaction from Sharon and the pair end up arguing...

Tuesday 3rd April

Ted sends Bernadette home and sits waiting on his daughter arriving, Judith arrives without her family and coldly starts trying to take control of the funeral. Things become tense between the pair and they end up having a massive row which Bernadette and Karen hear from upstairs. Concerned Bernie and Karen head down to check on Ted and are shocked when Judith reveals her plans to put Ted in a home, Bernie comes to Ted's defense and sends Judith away.

Mel sends Hunter upstairs and Jack's helps her put the living room back together again after Keegan and Hunter's fight over Louise. Jack jokes that him and Max have had their fair share of fights over woman. Jack explains why he has concerns about Max taking responsibility for Abi and bringing a baby into his household. Mel is clearly uncomfortable when Jack mentions Ricky and Amy and backs off heading into the kitchen to pour them a glass of wine.

Jack realises this and pushes Mel about her reaction. Mel admits it has been her and Hunter for so long that it's weird to think of her taking on someone else's children. That scares her, Jack reassures Mel that he isn't looking for a mother to his children, but someone to bring something special to his life. Drawn to one another Jack and Mel share a passionate kiss, but before things can escalate, Hunter calls on Mel from upstairs so Jack leaves...

Keegan is fuming after his run in with Mel, Shakil finds it amusing seeing him so passionate about it and follows him home. But as soon as Karen hears that something happened at Mel's, she is quick to lay the blame at Keegan's door and Keegan snaps at his mother and walks out. Shakil is left trying to calm Keegan down in the Square as he rants about his mother thinks he is his dad and Shakil relates with his own poor relationship with his dad. Keen to support his friend, Shakil agrees that he can stay at his, but he will need to sneak him in because Carmel won't agree.

Shakil offers to sleep on the floor, but Keegan brushes that off telling Shakil he isn't afraid to spoon him which makes Shakil laugh. The pair go head to toe in bed, and talk about girls. Keegan is pushing his crush on Louise, and Keegan tries to encourage Shakil to give it another go with Bex but Shakil admits he loved Bex, but her behavior over the last few months has really put him off and he no longer finds her attractive. Keegan can't get his head around how Shakil believes personality effects attractiveness as he admits Louise is a cow but he thinks she is stunning which amuses Shakil.

Whitney is completely shaken to be confronted with Woody and ignores him, rushes to the Minute Mart buys a bottle of wine and rushes back to the party and Halfway. Woody is disappointed by her reaction and heads to the Vic to see Linda instead.

Back at the party, keen to distract herself Whitney throws herself into investigating what has happened to Fatboy which makes Donna feel uncomfortable so she starts downing drinks which Robbie notices. Keanu notices that Ingrid is distant and Jay is surprised when he finds Ingrid flirting with him so is quickly distracted from searching for Fatboy and enjoys flirting with Ingrid but feels bad when he recognises Keanu's awkwardness at the situation.

The party comes to an abrupt end when Donna ends up throwing up and chucks everyone out, Jay is surprised when Ingrid leaves her number for him to text her and Whitney feels uncomfortable as she and Halfway head home, concerned Woody will appear while Robbie concerned for Donna puts her to bed and is left hurt when she calls him Fatboy...

Linda is delighted to see Woody again and he is a distraction as she clearly feels uncomfortable running the Vic alone after the last few weeks. After her row with Sharon, Michelle drowns her sorrows and ends up loosing her temper when Max buys her a drink as he drinks alone after his row with Jack. Michelle gives Max a dressing down for running Martin's relationship but is left startled when he bursts into tears and ends up comforting him as he opens up about his worries about letting baby Abi down. Michelle relates about how she felt when Vicki was born and ends up calling her daughter telling her that her sister needs her...

At the Mitchell's; Sharon distracts herself by having a family night with Phil, Dennis and Louise but when the kids go to bed, it dawns on Sharon that Michelle is right, there is nothing between her and Phil any more...

Thursday 5th April

Karen steps in to support Ted which Bernie is thankful for, she takes him to see Jay and they make plans for Joyce's funeral and reassures Ted that he doesn't need Judith to take control.

Whitney is completely shook by Woody's return and is keen to get Halfway off to the station as soon as possible so he doesn't run into Woody before he leaves. Whitney is relieved when Halfway heads off but Tiffany, Kat and Stacey all want answers about why she wanted rid of him.

Whitney opens up about Woody being back and the three women help Whitney weight up the pros and cons of both men. However Halfway has stopped off at the Vic to see Mick before heading back to the army, and Linda awkwardly introduces Woody and Halfway, with Halfway being completely oblivious to who Woody is, but it isn't long before Woody fills him in and leaves Halfway gutted. Realising Whitney kept this from him, Halfway slopes off back to the army and leaves Mick to break the awkward news to Whitney that Halfway has ended their relationship...

Woody tries to comfort Whitney after Mick breaks the news, but instead he ends up getting slapped by Whitney and Stacey takes an upset Whitney home.

Robbie and Donna had arranged for drinks with their families to introduces one another to each other's family. Sonia and Dot are confused when Robbie is reluctant to go and he opens up about Donna calling him Fatboy the night before. Dot brushes off Robbie's concerns telling him that Arthur has gone and isn't coming back. Feeling insecure, Robbie sends a text to Nita his ex before agreeing to go to the Vic. At the Vic, Donna is nervous about Vincent and Kim spending time with Robbie. Vincent and Kim make it difficult for Robbie by grilling him about his intentions with Donna, but it's not long before they are all laughing and joking with Sonia and Dot.

Robbie brings up the topic of conversation about Fatboy, Donna brushes off Robbie's concerns and tries to reassure him, but both Donna and Vincent struggle to hold it together when they hear Dot speak so fondly about Fatboy, a conversation which Whitney joins in on.

Jack notices that Ingrid has spent all morning texting and asks if it is all back on with Keanu and Ingrid admits she is speaking to someone new. Jack probes and is surprised to find out Ingrid is smitten with Jay, but is soon distracted when Mel starts texting him so Ingrid probes him. They both agree to organise dates for tomorrow night...

Carmel catches Shakil trying to sneak Keegan out of the flat, and after going off on one ends up feeling bad for Keegan when Shakil explains about Karen's behaviour and invites him to join them for breakfast. Denise and Kush clearly feel awkward as Carmel tries to play mum to Keegan. Later Carmel tries to speak to Karen about Keegan, but it ends up in an argument as Karen gets defensive...

Michelle is hungover after the night at the Vic, and pretending like their argument never happened Sharon asks for her help. Sharon is keen to seduce Phil, so arranges for Michelle to take the kids out however can't help but giving Michelle a dressing down for spending time with Max when she finds out about their drink in the Vic.

Sharon makes a real effort to impress Phil, but is left defeated when Phil decides to go to bed instead of spend time with her. When Sharon snaps, Phil bites back that he can't forget Sharon's betrayal and frustrated Sharon snaps back asking Phil about why she was expected to forget all of his betrayal's over the years. Sharon accuses Phil of using this as an excuse to chase after Mel reminding him that she will never forgive him for being the cause of Steve's death. When Phil doesn't have an answer, Sharon goes to storm out only to discover Hunter, Louise, Dennis and Michelle are home and have overheard everything...

Friday 6th April

Linda snaps at Mick when he tells her he is to ill to run the pub today and she'll need to take over, concerned Mick sits Linda down and she admits after all that has happened she doesn't want to be landlady any more. Mick tries to reassure Linda but she is firm, she wants to spend more time being Ollie's mum because she is concerned she will blink and he will be gone like Johnny, Nancy and Lee.

Mick and Linda come to an understanding and offer Woody the bar managers job at the Vic. Woody is delighted and when Whitney agrees to meet him for lunch it seems as if things are coming together for him. However when he goes for lunch with Whitney she is horrified at the idea of him being bar manager. Whitney ends up opening up to Whitney about her broke her already fragile heart, she admits that her marriage to Lee completely destroyed her belief in true love, and Woody was her rebound. Whitney asks Woody to turn down the job and go off and enjoy his life, finding the right woman who can give him what he really deserves.

Back at home, Tiffany has arranged for Whitney to speak to Halfway. Whitney breaks down when she sees him, Whitney apologises for dragging him into her life and hurting him. Whitney tells Halfway she has made a decision that she needs to be single for awhile and let her heart heal because she has never got over the breakdown of her marriage to Lee. Halfway and Whitney part on good terms.

Whitney later watches from the window as Woody leaves the Vic after turning down the bar managers job, jumps into a taxi and heads out of the Square.

Michelle finds Phil in the kitchen sending Dennis and Louise off to school and quickly realises that Sharon hasn't came home, once the kids are gone, Michelle sticks up for her friend and tells Phil he pushes everyone he loves away, and deserves to be alone. Phil is left thinking while Michelle heads off to find Sharon who has spent the night at the Beales but he is relieved when Hunter turns up and tells Phil there is no hard feelings between them before leaving with a smug look...

Sharon struggles to hold it together as Michelle and Ian urge her to leave Phil, and Kathy watches on as she snaps at them pointing out what a disaster their loves life's are. Sharon tears Ian apart for chasing Mel while Jane is out there waiting on him, and reminds Michelle that she shared a boyfriend with her teenage niece. Kathy sends the pair away, and Sharon tries to brush off her concern and tells her she isn't willing to listen to any more demands. However Kathy is surprisingly understanding as she relates to Sharon; “Your middle aged, you've got a young lad, this guy is here with this financial stability, the kid adores him and your there left feeling numb. Do you put yourself first, or your kid? How'd you think I ended up with Gavin, and looked how that turned out.”

Sharon is blown away, and Kathy continues explaining that Phil is not Gavin, and would never make her do the things he made her do. Sharon is relieved when Kathy tells her that it's okay to settle at their age, and Angie pretty much done the same. The Angie comments makes Sharon get her back up, as she snaps that settling with Den destroyed Angie. Storming off to the Vic for a drink, Sharon and Linda end up having a heart to heart about life in the Vic as Linda admits her decision to step away as landlady, Sharon relives her childhood in the Vic and realising that Angie settling with Den didn't impact her childhood, Sharon heads home to Phil and acts as normal....

Jack and Ingrid have both arranged dates. Honey agrees to look after the children and sends them off on their way, clearly hurting to see other people happy. Ingrid meets Jay at the Vic for a drink and they clearly hit it off but Jay feels guilty when Keanu turns up and sees them together, so heads home early leaving Ingrid disappointed. While Jack is gutted when Mel cancels their date last minute after Hunter has found out about Phil's involvement in Steve's death, concerned about him. Jack offers to speak to Hunter but Jack's discussion with Hunter about Phil only inspires him to get revenge on Phil.

Hunter pushes Louise to take their relationship to the next level but Louise is uncomfortable and they end up rowing which leads to Louise learning from Hunter what happened with Keegan. Louise is cruel as she makes it clear to Keegan she isn't interested in him and reminds him of when she thought he had raped her. Keegan is shaken to have this thrown back in his face, and is furious. Shakil manages to calm his frustrated mate down and it is clear Keegan has huge respect for Shakil.

After realising she is letting her past with Keegan hold her back, Louise tracks Hunter down to the club where she lets Hunter seduce him... however Phil is horrified when he realises that Hunter has linked the CCTV up to his phone and he is watching as his daughter loses her virginity...

Monday 9th April

Michelle bumps into Max and he reveals that he believes he will be getting baby Abi home by the end of the week. Concerned about the news, Michelle ensures Ian and Kathy know about it and is surprised to learn that Ian hasn't been to visit the baby yet. Michelle reminds Ian that this is Steven's baby and he is just as responsible as Max is for the babies future. Ian snaps back that he wasn't Steven's dad, and Kathy points out that Steven wanted him to be.

Overwhelmed Ian walks out and ends up running into Stacey, realising how shaken Ian is, Stacey takes him back to the house and makes him a cup of tea. Ian enjoys playing with Arthur and Hope and it is a good distraction but Stacey pushes him for answers. Ian and Stacey talk about their complex relationships with Steven. Stacey hits the nail on the head, that Steven didn't know who he was and that drove him mad but he had a good heart, and a lot of love in it for Ian and his kids. Ian breaks down as he finally begins to grieve for Steven after all these months.

After sending Ian to bed to rest, Stacey calls Jane and tells her that she needs to come back to tie up the loose ends she left behind, as Ian needs clarity around Steven's death to move on. When Ian wakes up and comes back downstairs, he is gob smacked to find Jane sitting in the living room waiting for him...

Jay, Donna and Whit go for a drink, with Whitney opening up about how she has put men in her past and she now intends to focus on her friends and family. Whitney and Donna convince Jay to go for it with Ingrid as he airs his doubts because of Keanu, with Donna reminding him that he and Keanu have been friends for five minutes and he's be single a lot longer. Donna is concerned when Whitney decides to message Fatboy to check up on him.

Mick and Linda have invited Sharon and Phil over for dinner. Phil is less than keen but is dragged along by Sharon keen to put on a united front but agrees to go as long as they make a stop along the way. Sharon is confused as they stop in to see Mel, Phil tells Mel and Sharon what Hunter did to Louise on Friday and warns Mel to keep Hunter away from him or he will end up the same way his dad did. Sharon and Mel are horrified at the situation and Mel promises to warn Hunter away from Phil and Louise. At the Vic, as the dinner progresses, Linda ends up offering Sharon the bar managers job at the Vic. Phil is less than impressed when Sharon accepts it.

Keegan and Karen still aren't speaking, Bernadette is keen to build bridges and brings the family together for a games night, bringing Ted along to get him out of the house but when Karen slates Bernies hobby of chess again, Keegan jumps to her defence which causes a heated row as Keanu sends the boys upstairs to play, it kicks off between Keegan and Karen big time as he makes it clear he isn't his dad. Karen is insulted by Keegan calling her a racist and ends up hitting him so Keegan hits her back and sends her flying across the room which causes Keanu to chuck him out left alone in tears, Keegan calls Shakil for help...

Tuesday 10th April

Ian is delighted to see Jane, but she makes it clear very quickly that this isn't a happy reunion as she quickly challenges him on why he hasn't came to find her. When Ian can't give Jane any answers she makes it clear to him she knows that he can't let go of what happened the night Lucy died.

Ian breaks down and admits that he was left relieved after Christmas, the truth was out about Max, the fire, Steven and Jane but he didn't have to think about it all any more. The pair are interrupted when Kathy arrives home; Kathy is startled to see Jane and quickly jumps into mother hen mode, she wants answers for Steven.

Kathy starts challenging Jane about what happened during the fire, and Ian clearly struggles to hear the details of how vulnerable Steven was. Kathy is furious with Jane for disappearing and letting everyone hate Steven. Jane comments that she wishes she hadn't made that decision to go to the common on the night of Lucy's death as they wouldn't be where they are now. Kathy challenges Jane on that decision and asks when she made it. Jane insists it was in the car, so Kathy asks her how she intended on explaining to A+E why Lucy's lifeless body was in the boot. Ian snaps back into action and demands Kathy leave, while Jane calls Kathy out stating “At least I was here, and not pretending to be dead in the South of France.”

Ian and Jane sit down at the table, Ian is finally ready to face facts. Ian tells Jane that her decision to protect Bobby destroyed their family and she is right, he will never be able to look at her the same way again. As Ian and Jane accept their marriage is over, Jane flees the house to pull herself together and is startled to run into Max...

Mel is furious with Hunter and gives him a dressing down for messing with Phil and warns him about how dangerous Phil is and warns him that there is a lot that he and Louise don't know about Phil. Mel tells Hunter to end his relationship with Louise with immediate effect and stay away for Phil, otherwise they will be leaving Walford.

With Bernadette upset over Keegan and Karen's fight, Tiffany is keen to cheer her up and steals Kat's bottle of wine and they disappear to the allotments. Kat is less than impressed when a drunk Tiffany stumbles home with Bernadette and throws up on her. Kat tells Stacey to call Sonia, Tiffany is gone home. As Tiffany sleeps it off in the living room, Kat calls Bianca and makes arrangements to take Tiffany home and it is clear Whitney has been lying to Bianca about Tiffany, her behaviour and her going to school.

Sharon, Mick and Linda sit in the Vic thrashing out about Sharon's ideas for the pub, and it's staff. Shirley and Whitney watch on. Sharon and Linda agree that they need to let Whitney go, as Sharon realises Linda is still jealous of Mick and Whitney. While Shirley has enough and gives her notice saying she is unwilling to work under Sharon. Whitney is devastated when Sharon breaks the news that she is no longer required.

Shakil meets with a shaken Keegan. Keegan talks to Shakil at the war memorial about what happened with Karen, and Shakil is understanding of his reaction and assures him he can stay with him, he will sort it with Carmel.

Thursday 12th April

Max is clearly shaken to see Jane and breaks down leaving her startled. As Max stands sobbing in front of her, Jane leads him to Arthurs Bench to chat. Max apologises for what he puts her through, Jane is taken aback. Jane apologises to Max for her decision to protect Bobby instead of him.

Jane apologises for his loss with Abi and Max opens up about his concerns about letting Baby Abi down. Jane asks Max what he was doing on the roof and Max admits he was going to kill himself. Jane grows concerned as Max shows her the scars on his arms from cutting himself, and Jane realises how badly she has hurt Max by letting him go to jail.

Jane asks him about Steven, and it dawns on Max that he killed baby Abi's father and mother, he has already let her down. Jane tells Max that they both need to take ownership of what they have done, and they agree to go to the police station together.

Outside the police station Max has a panic attack; concerned he won't get to be party of baby Abi's life but Jane tells him that he she won't forgive him if he doesn't face up to what he did. Both Jane and Max hand themselves in for their part in Lucy and Steven's deaths. Afterwards they are both released pending further investigation and back to the Square together. Outside the Vic, Max stops at the spot Abi died and pays his respects to his daughter, Jane urges him to get the help he needs and says goodbye to Max...

Whitney arrives home after being let go at the Vic, to find Kat and Stacey packing Tiffany's things. Whitney is shocked to learn that Kat called Bianca and told her the truth about Tiff's behaviour. Whitney admits she just enjoyed having a family again and is clearly upset that her sister is leaving in the morning as a drunk Tiff sleeps on the sofa...

Keegan and Shakil sneak into the flat again, and get into bed – head to toe again. They joke about Louise turning Keegan down, and they end up carry on fighting in the bed and the pair catch each other's eye for a second and Keegan tells Shakil that he understands him better than anyone and Shakil ends up in stitches laughing at Keegan for being cheesy which makes Keegan become withdrawn from the situation.

Friday 13th April

Ian and Kathy are shocked as Jane explains over breakfast that she and Max handed themselves in last night and will face the consequences. Jane heads upstairs to pack her things up, and Ian decides to arrange her a goodbye party in the Vic so heads out. When Jane comes back down, Kathy tells her about the party and Jane is keen to slip away without any fuss but Kathy makes it clear to Jane she owes Ian the chance for closure.

Feeling overwhelmed Jane heads to the cafe where she is glad to run into Masood, she speaks it through with Masood and is tempted to disappear before the party kicks off as she is tired of goodbye's. However Mel turns up and drops something off for Ian and the pair end up clashing which causes Jane to decide to front it out.

At the Vic, a crowd has gathered: Ian, Kathy, Martin, Stacey, Michelle, Mick, Linda, Shirley, Tina, Honey, Billy, Sharon, Phil, Kim, Patrick, Denise, Carmel, Masood, Sonia and Dot have turned out to say goodbye to Jane. Jane enjoys catching up with her old friends and asks to speak to Ian alone in the back. Jane tells Ian that Bobby is due for release in the Summer and she wants him to bring him home and look after him properly as she may be in jail but if not she has hurt him enough. Ian and Jane are emotional and they hug each other, Ian stays in the back and listens as Jane says a speech to her old friends.

Jane then leaves the Vic after saying her goodbye's, looks around the Square and heads off in a taxi into the night.

Jack calls Sonia, Dot and Robbie over concerned about Max after catching him in the kitchen with a knife. Sonia takes control of the situation and speaks to Max, Max opens up about going to the police about Steven's death, about letting baby Abi down and ends up sobbing to Sonia that he needs help to stop hurting himself. Sonia arranges for Max to visit a psychiatrist next week. As they head to the Vic to say goodbye to Jane, Dot tells Sonia she is proud of the way she stepped up for her family.

Carmel, Denise and Kush are surprised to see Keegan has stayed over again, but when he has a black eye, Carmel probes. Kush, Denise and Carmel are left shocked to discover Karen hit him and agree he can stay until he is ready to go home. Keanu turns up to try and convince Keegan to come home so the women head to the pub. Keegan refuses to back down, Karen treats him differently because she is a racist and Keanu leaves defeated. Worried about Keegan, Kush calls social services about Karen hitting him...

Tiffany wakes up to find her bags packed and pleads with Kat and Stacey to let her stay, but Kat refuses to back down Tiffany shouldn't be separated from her mother which causes Tiff to lash out asking where all her kids are. Realising she has struck a cord with Kat, Tiffany apologises and ends uo opening up about how Joyce's death has had an impact on her, and reluctantly accepts she needs to go home to her mother. Whitney is sad to say goodbye to her sister as Kat drags her off to the tube station reluctantly and Whitney is only upset further when Bernadette later turns up looking for her friend only to be told by Whitney that she has gone and Bernadette is concerned about how Ted will cope without her and Tiffany.
BBC Confirms EastEnders new Executive Producer

EastEnders have finally confirmed the shows new Executive Producer as long term fan Auntie *Betty*. Fans recognized two weeks ago that Auntie *Betty* started being credited as Executive Producer alongside current Executive Consultant - John Yorke.

John Yorke stepped in, in the short term to look after the show after the sudden departure of former Executive Producer Sean O'Connor who left in the Summer of last year. In his short time in charge has has overseen the exit of the Branning sisters; Lauren and Abi, the return of Kat Moon and Melanie Owen and the arrival of fresh new faces like Hunter Owen, Hayley Slater and the Ahmed family.

John Yorke has already stepped away from the show and is due to stop being credited in the coming weeks after a hand over period between himself and new Executive Producer Auntie *Betty* who is said to be a life long fan of the show and excited to see what he can bring to the world of Walford.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC 1.
Edited by Auntie *Betty*, 14 Apr 2018, 16:36.
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Where's Cawo?!
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Auntie *Betty*
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Auntie *Betty*
14 Apr 2018, 16:24
Where's Cawo?!
Started afresh! She exists in an alternative universe :p
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Phenomenal. Love the way you resolve things for Jane and Max. You make it look so effortless to redeem Max- I'm hoping we see this happen with Max in the real show. We very much need the police to get involved if I'm to have any chance of caring about him again.

Interesting and much-needed realism in regards to Tiffany- have you dispatched of her for good or is this in preparation for an eventual Butcher revival? ;)

Keegan and Shakil's relationship is so heartwarming and fascinating, which makes me so much more sad at how little we're seeing of it before the inevitable. I feel like you're working towards an exit for Karen as I remember a thread in the past where you mentioned that you'd write her out before the character's initial abrasiveness is diluted.

Glad to see more Cawo appreciation, Shamelessness. Betty, your crafting of original fan fiction characters is unmatched and she, alongside Chet Kohli and Aykut Demir, was one of my favourite newbies from your 2015-17 fanfic.

i ain't stroking your pussy. i don't know where it's been.
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Auntie *Betty*
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Auntie *Betty*
Thanks! We have some exciting new characters this time around to take Walford by storm.
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